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Meet the fam

Who we are, and what we do


Executive Director

Bernard Buttone

Bernard Buttone is a loving husband and father of three boys. As the Portfolio Manager of a private equity company in North Carolina, Bernard focuses his efforts on acquiring companies, maximizing profit, streamlining operations, and overseeing the budget. Studying at East Carolina University, he is currently on track to complete his degree in Business Management by Fall 2022. At Camp Keith, Bernard’s main focus will be to design, execute, manage, and communicate the initiatives and operations of Camp Keith. This will include areas of budgeting, sales, forecasting, managing resources, and maximizing the ability of Camp Keith to grow its revenue year-round. He will also oversee campground maintenance and equipment procurement and management.

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Nurse on Duty

Evette David

  1. Healthcare Administration:

  2. Oversee the camp's healthcare center, ensuring it is fully stocked with necessary supplies and medications.

  3. Camper and Staff Health:

  4. Conduct health screenings upon camper arrival and assess any pre-existing medical conditions or special needs.

  5. Crisis Management:

  6. Be prepared to respond quickly and effectively to medical emergencies, coordinating with emergency services as needed.

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Sr. Counselor (Sports)  

Gillian McGrath



Executive Director

Christopher Mizell

Christopher Mizell graduated from UPenn and Columbia Teachers College where he earned his Bachelor of Arts, MA in Education, and EdM Private School Leadership, respectively. He is currently an educator and administrator based in New York. Throughout his decade in the classroom as an English and Humanities teacher, Christopher has focused on teaching for equity, project- and game-based learning, and social emotional development. He will oversee the development of the educational and cultural component of Camp Keith. Through hiring counselors and educators and creating educational programming, he will ensure that Camp Keith is a safe, fun, and transformative experience for all Camp Keith participants.

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Lead Counselor 

Kia Gill

  1. Camper Engagement and Supervision:

  2. Lead and facilitate daily activities, games, and programs for a designated group of campers, ensuring a fun and safe experience for all.

  3. Counselor Leadership and Development:

  4. Supervise and support a team of counselors, providing guidance, feedback, and training as needed.

  5. Behavior Management and Conflict Resolution:

  6. Address camper behavior issues and conflicts in a calm and constructive manner, using positive reinforcement and redirection techniques.

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Parent Facilitator 

Jordana Cunningham


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