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In April of 2020, we lost our Uncle Keith David to Covid-19. Like so many others who have lost loved ones to the global pandemic, our family was devastated. Our family Zoom calls, previously a periodic check-in to support one another through a period of unexpected isolation, became a daily gathering to grieve and share memories of our Uncle Keith. 


Stories rolled in from family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers, all sharing the incredible ways in which Keith David had touched their lives. Even in death, Uncle Keith was finding ways to bring people together. As the memories poured in, we felt compelled to carry on with Uncle Keith’s lifelong mission…


By trade, Uncle Keith was an electrician. It was the perfect profession, since he was a light for all who knew him, and a constant source of energy. In other words, Uncle Keith could brighten anyone’s day. 


Keith David’s lifelong mission was to bring people together and uplift others. In over 30 years as a youth basketball coach, he touched the lives of countless families and children. As cousins, we grew up, knowing that Uncle Keith’s house, affectionately referred to as “Camp David”, was our safe place. Whether we visited a few times a year, or stayed for weeks at a time, we were always welcome. 


Uncle Keith’s house wasn’t fancy, but to us it was a world unto itself. With just a backyard, a pool, and a basketball court, we had a place to see our extended family and friends. Each year, we’d return for Uncle Keith’s “Summer Slam”, and no matter how long it had been since we’d seen each other, we’d all jump right into the action, knowing that this was a place we belonged. 



Every year, we grew in number. Even neighbors, attracted by the music and fun, would wander into the party. Before long, those neighbors became family, and remain such to this day. 


Over time, we’ve come to realize how incredibly lucky we were to have such a space, filled with love, laughter, and good food. 


Uncle Keith’s dream was to create an even bigger space where families, friends, and kids could come to connect and celebrate life. Camp Keith is turning that dream into a reality.

Camp Keith is more than a camp. By offering “mini-camps” to all age groups at various parts of the year, Camp Keith creates a welcome, thriving environment for the whole family.

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